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2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

In metropolitan areas, the transportation plan is the statement of the ways the region plans to invest in the transportation system. Per federal regulations, the plan shall "include both long range and short-range program strategies and actions that lead to the development of an integrated, intermodal transportation system that facilitates the efficient movement of people and goods."

Elements of the 2045 MTP include:

The MTP addresses:

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and the long-range statewide transportation plan must be consistent with each other. The MTP must be updated every five years in air quality attainment areas or every four years in non-attainment or maintenance areas. MPOs should make special efforts to engage interested parties in the development of the plan. Finally, in cases where a metropolitan area is designated as a non-attainment or maintenance area, the plan must conform to the State Improvement Plan for air quality.

Transportation Improvement Program

A Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) includes projects from the Metropolitan Transportation Plan that are expected to advance to construction in the next four years. 

A TIP is prepared cooperatively by the regional planning commission, acting in its legal capacity as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Lake Charles urbanized area, local governments, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, public transit operators, and other key stakeholders, with input from the public. 

The TIP is updated on a four-year update cycle; however, it is reviewed regularly by the regional planning commission. Selected revisions are permitted, following formal amendment procedures. Both the local and state TIPs are identical documents containing a common set of projects proposed for federal funding. 

TIPs and STIPs are products of a consensus-building process carried out jointly by the regional planning commission and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. Projects identified in the TIPs are part of the approved Transportation Plan and refer to improvements being funded under the Fixing America‚Äôs Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act).  

The FY 2019-22 TIP for the Lake Charles urbanized area can be found here.